US suspends arms sales to TW

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US suspends arms sales to TW

Post by smallfrog » Mon Jul 05, 2010 8:40 am

The Defense News said the US Department of State has suspended arms sales to Taiwan in 2010. Sources said pressure from Beijing will probably ruin 3 US-Taiwan arms deals, including Taiwan's plan to buy F-16 fighter jets. China's foreign ministry said in January China urged the US to cancel any plan to sell arms to Taiwan so as not to damage China-US relations
Maybe it is a right way for the US suspending the arms sales to Taiwan. Somebody always say that it is US’s right to take any actions to TW, there are always something to think about---- what is the side effect of the arms sale? Is it harmful to one country’s or even the world peace? If Taiwan owns less advantange arms, its leader will not do anything to commit the Taiwan independence just as Li Denghui and Chen Shuibian did some years ago, which cause much trouble to the relationship and danger to the cross strait. And the Chinese government always say that it is China’s domestic affair, it should be side aside for China itself to solve it.

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