6th Anniversary of 9/11.

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6th Anniversary of 9/11.

Post by Lad »

No conspiracy theories or such discussion, this is for just a remembering those who died.
Today's news article.

The news on the day with an interesting BBC 10pm news has a 10 minute report on the day.
http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/date ... 514627.stm

Below is one of my favourite pieces of what happened on the day.

9/11 Poem by Karyn Merola
I wonder what she thought
As she stood there strong and tall.
She couldn't turn away,
She was forced to watch it all.

Did she long to offer comfort
As her country bled?
With her arm forever frozen,
High above her head.

She could not shield her eyes
She could not hide her face
She just starred across the water
Keeping Freedom's Place.

The smell of smoke and terror
Somehow reduced her size
So small within the harbor
But still we recognize....

How dignified and beautiful
On a day so many died
I wonder what she thought,
And I know she must have cried.
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RE: 6th Anniversary of 9/11.

Post by appleton »

Nice poem.

I always remember that day :(
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RE: 6th Anniversary of 9/11.

Post by periphrastic »

thanks for taking the time to share

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RE: 6th Anniversary of 9/11.

Post by anildewani »

RIP for all who lost their lives :(

This incident just makes me sad,
Great and emotional poem.

thanx for taking time to write.

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RE: 6th Anniversary of 9/11.

Post by hanika »

I always remember that day too Icon_sad

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