The American Media Have Given Americans a False Image of Gaddafi

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The American Media Have Given Americans a False Image of Gaddafi

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They've always wanted to go in and get Libya's oil so they had to paint him as a villain so they'd have a story to tell the American people.

I live in Europe and I speak to Africans here. They've always said that the Libyan people don't hate Gaddafi. He saved Libya from being a colony when he took power in a coup and the oil money was then used for the good of the Libyan people instead of being stolen by western capitalists. This article and video explain it. ... i_NWO.html

Be sure to read the comment section of that YouTube video.

According to these two videos, Gaddafi was using the oil money for the benefit of the libyan people

Just exactly who those rebels were is not clear.

In every country there's always at least one small group that's against the government. Gaddafi was supposed to be a progressive Moslem that believed in women's rights, etc. That would have angered fundamentalist Moslems. The CIA might have found such a group, armed them, and sent in mercenaries to increase their numbers and make it look more legitimate. Those rebels would have gotten nowhere without the help of NATO.

I've just scanned this work of Gaddafi's but the little I read doesn't look like the work of a mental pervert. ... ok-Eng.pdf

Why would the people be against someone like this.

Do searches on Libya in these two sites to get some objective articles.

The American media give an upside down version of the world situation.

The US is considered the "Bad guys" in the third world.

If Gaddafi can be connected to any violence, it was part of the struggle for the independence of the third world.

This looks like the classic case of a nationalist throwing out the imperial powers that were robbing his country and using the once-stolen resources for the benefit of the people. The American press duly slanders him to make him look like the villain to prepare the people for an eventual intervention to get back the resources they once had.

To me Gaddafi seems like Africa's Che Guevara.

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